Disizos Sardos

Who We Are

The idea of Disizos Sardos (Sardinian Wishes), was born with the aim of turnirn food in a ritual to let the territory and its productions speak for themselves.

Disizos Sardos’s brand was born with this idea, and will let you enter an unrivaled enogastronomic experience.

Our company was born in 2008 from a young sardinian’s idea, Cristian Feroleto, who aimed for people to really know the true culinary traditions of his island.
At the beginning of its life the company used to produce in San Teodoro, which is a well-known turistic location in Sardinia. The company used to procude “pane carasu”, sardinian traditional bread, without yeast and and with kamut or spelt flour and sell it together with other typical sardinian products.

While Cristian was busy trying to get his territory and its products in italian festivals, he recognised the need for the customers to have a place where they would have been able to taste traditional recepies and products.

Cristian opened his first Disizos Sardos risto and bottega with this in hid mind, in San Teodoro, in 2016.

disizos sardos

Disizos Sardos

The Brand

The meaning of Disizos Sardos.

“Disizos Sardos” derives from sardinian dialect and it literally means “Sardinian Wishes”.
We chose this name as it perfectly expresses te desire of testing sardinian dishes in all its forms and flavours.
We offers revisited recipes, raw materials entirely produces in Sardinian, our beautiful island.
Our motto is “Dizisos Sardos, where culinary sardiniand wishes become true”.

How can you describe Disizos Sardos in three words?

Culinary Art

Disizos Sardos

How the Experience Works

What we Offer

What we Ask

  • 360 Degrees support
  • Planning and design
  • Consultation and help in sells
  • Personal formation
  • Website
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Minimun surface area
  • Minimum investment

Disizos Sardos

The Place

A restaurant and typical sardinian product all in one place!

Disizos Sardos

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Via dei Gerani, 07023 – San Teodoro, Sardegna (Italia)
Tel +39 0784 1822426+39 3342019054
E-mail commerciale.franchising@disizos-sardos.com